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I've got blood in my mouth cause I've been biting my tongue all week...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

12:39AM - anthro is KILLING ME right now

best. boots. ever. i even posted this picture with the link on my mom's facebook wall in a not-so-subtle hint to the fact that i'm dyyyyyiiiinnggg for them.

*in other news: i sawed a man's face in half yesterday and tomorrow we're chipping away at the orbit of his eye so we can take the eyeball out and dissect it! so cool!

did my first complete history and physical on a hospital patient today. he was a homeless alcoholic veteran with a horribly sad story. but, yep, even after having to hold back tears while i was taking his history, i know i still want to do this. he said he'd never told anyone that much about himself before. i felt proud to have been able to hear about it, if for no other reason than to have been part of the therapeutic process of telling his story.

right now i feel more confident than i've felt in a long time that i made the right decision for my future.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

5:50PM - love

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


maybe i'll try going back to that photo-a-day thing. it was fun...until i forgot about it.

plus i have a quality camera now.

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Monday, April 13, 2009


i haven't had any urges to update in a long time.

i'm uninspired.

help me.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


ugh. catholicism.

why is it so easy for a disciple of "god" to discount human lives in the name of morality and chastity?

and apparently condoms aren't effective in stopping the transmission of HIV?

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Monday, February 23, 2009


ok just one more.

i was looking through the slideshow on style.com of sienna miller's Fall '09 show for her line twenty8twelve with her sister.


mmmmmmmCollapse )

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watched dirty dancing for the 3489573894754th time today.

suddenly i'm obsessed with the clothes in that movie.

Nobody puts Baby in a cornerCollapse )

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

7:37PM - Fall '09

new marc jacobsCollapse )

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


i was in the middle of a marc jacobs post before i went out but i'm too tired tonight.

to be continued?

also. both my parents and one of my grandparents are on facebook. the beginning of the end?

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Friday, February 13, 2009




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Monday, February 9, 2009


maybe a real entry soon. we'll see.

i'm picking up hours at dq. i don't think i'll ever have a day off again. (except for tuesday when i'm going to tucsonnnnnn, get ready tucson crowd.)

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* Step 1: Put your playlist on random.
* Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
* Step 3: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

1. Love and Happiness. Yeah, something that can make you do wrong. Make you do right. (God this one is so easyyyyyy)

2. And I'm not goin' back, into rags or in the hole. And our bruises are a-coming, but we will never fold.

3. All the girls pose the same for pictures. All the boys got the same girls' hair. I am bored 'cause I feel much older. Look at me, as if I've got a reason to stare.

4. Old man river, he said you can go your own way, if you just leave him alone. Doesn't matter. Do not deliver all your things today. We are going home.

5. You're such a flirt. I know you hurt. And so do I, I empathize. I see you out and never care. A conversation we never share.

6. A child in a curious phase, a man with sullen ways. Oh, I know very well how I got my name. You think you were my first love. You think you were my first love, but you're wrong. You were the only one who's come and gone. (Technically, it was a cover but you can name the original artist).

7. We know of an ancient radiation that haunts dismembered constellations, a faintly glimmering radio station. While Frank Sinatra sings 'Stormy Weather', the flies and spiders get along together. Cobwebs fall on an old skipping record.

8. How many special people change? How many lives are living strange? Where were you while we were getting high? Slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball. Where were you while we were getting high?

9. She said call me now baby and I'd come a runnin'. She said call me now baby and I'd come a-runnin'. If you call me now baby I'd come runninnnn.

10. Trudging slowly over wet sands, back to the bench where your clothes were stolen. This is a seaside town that they forgot to close down. Armageddon. Come Armageddon, come Armageddon, come. (Another cover)

11. I can think of younger days when living for my life was everything a man could want to do. I could never see tomorrow. I was never told about the sorrow.

12. My dewy-eyed Disney bride what has tried, swapping your blood with formaldehyde. Monsters, whiskey-plied voices cried fratricide. Jesus, don't you know that you coulda died?

13. You are the girl that I've been dreaming of ever since I was a little girl.

14. Everyone loves a man who lets the hardest people build him up and cut him down to lovable size. And somebody holds a candle, by right it tastes. all longing words are remembered: us and them, you love, you despise.

15. Seen all good things and bad running down the hill. All so battered and brought to the ground. I am hungry again. I am drunk again. With all the money I owe to my friends.

16. Would you fall to pieces if I never came back? Tear it all apart 'til there was nothing left?

17. I am my mother's only one. It's enough. I wear garment so it shows. Now you know.

18. Can't you see I'm trying'? I don't even like it, I just lied to get to your apartment. Now I'm staying here just for a while. I can't think cause I'm just way too tired.

19. I awoke, only to find my lungs empty. And through the night, so it seems I'm not breathing. And now my dreams are nothing like they were meant to be. And I'm breaking down, I think I'm breakin' down.

20. There's blood in my mouth cause I've been biting my tongue all week. I keep on talkin' trash but I never say anything. And the talkin' leads to touchin' and the touchin' leads to sex and then there is no mystery left. (Oh yeah ladies, you know this one).

*ok, so i cheated a bit, because i started this thing the normal way, and the songs that were coming up were ones that i wouldn't even recognize if i heard them. so i had made a playlist for my sister a while back and i used that instead.

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Monday, February 2, 2009


now THIS is style

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Friday, January 16, 2009


this article on an interview done with the obamas over ten years ago made me swoon:

i love how completely in love with her he is. and he seems like a very deep thinker, just in the way he talks about his relationship with his wife.

AA was ridiculous today. it was so damn busy i was only able to take one ten minute break in my ten hour shift. fill was miserable. i'm planning a teensy rebellion to see if we can get it changed back to sundays. there is no reason why i should be fucking hanging clothes until 1am. that's some bullshit.

going to see the runaway five with katie and co. on saturday. i'm happy to get a little taste of tucson up here.

talked to zach. his spring break is the week of march 16th so that's most likely when i'll be going out there. i just need to check back with him for sure because he's supposed to be going to canada during one of his breaks so it's either that one or his quarter break.

going to barrett jackson tomorrow with my dad and grandpa. i've been a few times. it's fun. i hope there's beer there, i haven't been since i turned 21. haha

so many hipster boys at AA i can't control myself.

just kidding.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i told tim that american apparel is rad today. i meant it.

i'm excited about new years. cocktail party! you bitches better dress up.

things are pretty good right now.

taking a night off tonight. it's nice. so is not having to work tomorrow. still probably going in to am app though to get some clothes. i need some skirts and stuff.

i work at 1 on new years day. fuck i'm going to be hungover.

i need a haircut.

oh hey, american apparel gives you your own email account? soooo random.

my face is broken out as fuck. ewwwwww.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008


new camera!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


oh, hey.

my first day at american apparel is tomorrow.


but, what's new. right?

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


ichat obsessionCollapse )

Current mood: awake

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Thursday, December 18, 2008


just had a really good interview with PIRG

except they would want me to sign a one year contract...so i had to tell them i was going to med school which i didn't really want to do. but a contract would pose a problem when i tried to leave in late july.

she said i "sound like an awesome candidate" and she's going to try and find me a temporary position in one of the state offices instead of the one i was actually interviewing for. so here's to hoping i can finally find a job!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i really have nothing to do anymore except update lj. and drink. although i'm taking the night off tonight. rest assured, i'll be back tomorrow.

i wrote my five page paper today in two hours. my parents would die if they read it. it's all what they like to call "liberal bullshit"...you know, stuff like how socioeconomic status affects your education and health status. COMPLETE LIBERAL BULLSHIT

i'm getting increasingly more pissed at myself for not seeing margot and the nuclear (nucular if you're katie) so and so's at plush a few months ago. the dust of retreat is kind of on constant rotation in my life right now.

remember that time after a relationship when you're supposed to get rid of everything that reminds you of the other person? yeah i forgot to do that about 10 months ago and now that i'm cleaning my place getting ready to move out, it's all resurfacing. because, turns out, i buried it instead. i just found an anniversary card, confirmation of my flight to colorado and the card that went along with it. not to mention the pajamas sitting in my closet.

oh hey guys. i'm graduating this week. hopefully i can get my job back at dq!

take that you smug scottsdale assholes. i'm not as stupid as you think i am! (although it is kind of fun to just smirk when someone tells you how much change to give you back as if you didn't have a big computer in front of you saying it or as if you hadn't passed middle school math)

jesus christ. i'll be working at my high school job again.

promise to visit?

Current mood: bored

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