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i really have nothing to do anymore except update lj. and drink. although i'm taking the night off tonight. rest assured, i'll be back tomorrow.

i wrote my five page paper today in two hours. my parents would die if they read it. it's all what they like to call "liberal bullshit" know, stuff like how socioeconomic status affects your education and health status. COMPLETE LIBERAL BULLSHIT

i'm getting increasingly more pissed at myself for not seeing margot and the nuclear (nucular if you're katie) so and so's at plush a few months ago. the dust of retreat is kind of on constant rotation in my life right now.

remember that time after a relationship when you're supposed to get rid of everything that reminds you of the other person? yeah i forgot to do that about 10 months ago and now that i'm cleaning my place getting ready to move out, it's all resurfacing. because, turns out, i buried it instead. i just found an anniversary card, confirmation of my flight to colorado and the card that went along with it. not to mention the pajamas sitting in my closet.

oh hey guys. i'm graduating this week. hopefully i can get my job back at dq!

take that you smug scottsdale assholes. i'm not as stupid as you think i am! (although it is kind of fun to just smirk when someone tells you how much change to give you back as if you didn't have a big computer in front of you saying it or as if you hadn't passed middle school math)

jesus christ. i'll be working at my high school job again.

promise to visit?
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